Coffee Faith – Return From Darkness

Coffee Faith is a solo project from Rio Nurkholis Syaifuddin that carries the drone music. With a few people from different background music genres to collaborate in it be "Return From Darkness"
1. Return From Darkness
           (feat. Fran on Guitar)
2. D-E-A-D
3. Isolated
           (feat. Faith Banana For Silvy on Guitar)
4. The Dark Room
           (feat. Agast Insanity on Bass)
5. Concentrated
           (feat. Faith Banana For Silvy on Vocal)

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Bonus Track

We Are Invisible Now – Volume 1 (2015)

New drone/dark ambient compilation album released under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 on 15 March, 2015 by “We Are Invisible Now”, a no-profit sound project. Compiled by Sebastiano Festa.
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perturbation theory was: Monkey in the middle

the monkey dances
through your yard
into neighboring yards
and out beyond
into a blip jiggle
along uneven paths
cobble stones potholes
fell trees and bones

Tumblr Blues

My tumblr share button is currently sharing a youtube video. I having a feeling it’s a conflict with tumblr widget.

Deactivated the tumblr widget. Sharing button working again.

I don’t know

I don’t know
I thought bereavement was enough
But maybe
I need to
clarify it down
to the cliche
I’m tired of burying bodies
That’s a given, and my ain’t we all
I’m tired of being surrounded by ghosts
Every breath being a breath for someone else
I’m tired of being amongst the dead
Is that clear enough, cliche enough?

Beware Tiamat

A deep fear of randomness is so widespread that it is surprising that it has no name. Religion provides a ready solace in most instances. It is only when scientists tie themselves in knots trying to deny its existence while retaining a natural interpretation of reality (seen in both physics and biology), that the primal fear becomes clearly evident.

Bereavement (I suppose)

I approach stunned, bewildered

A minesweeper’s brute concentration
Focused on the next step

Stepping aside ghosts

Step aside, make room,
Make room

It’s a throng now
Like, officially,

Like, at that point
Where you’d feel cursed
If you didn’t know better

I mourn the death of a friend,
And I feel guilty for forgetting,
However briefly, the old dead.

I thought I was coping just fine with yet another death.
Whatever, done this before, no problem, right?

But, maybe not.
I don’t know if I’m doing this right.

I don’t know if I’m using it as an excuse to write poetry

Or exploiting it to reach out

I’m emotionless
Calm and something else.
Some other feeling

I take these as common signs of bereavement.

Quote: Jorge Luis Borges On poetry

Poetry springs from something deeper; it’s beyond intelligence…It’s a thing of its own; it has a nature of its own.

Mark Twain: Quote

Words are only painted fire ; a look is the fire itself.