The Critic Frank O'Hara

O’Hara, Frank, ‘The Critic’, in The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara, ed. by Donald Allen (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1972), p. 48

Etymological Fallacy

The group most at risk for falling prey to the etymological fallacy are poets. It’s easy to see why. Poetry begins with an a priori fallacy, the proposition that words have magical powers.

Hey, I enjoy chanting around a fire and spinning in circles as much as the next freak. But the things we chant, albethey magical, are not words. Words are those things we use in everyday life to navigate our personal narratives, to build shared-realities, and to negotiate the concrete.

They’re not magic, they’re a tool. A tool we picked or happened across. A tool that allows us to explore the unknown, to catch a glimpse of the magical, but not magic in themselves.

If you rely on your audience knowing the ancient magical ember at the root of a word, we’re gonna have a bad time.

State of the Community on the overthinking of midbrow ideas

What I’m beginning WINK WINK to suspect is
Poets have a different emotional gamut than mostpeople.
Not necessary broader,
Mind, just different.
But speaking of mind…
They do tend to think themself intellectual
And that’s where it nags

Wiving Live at Rubber Gloves

Wiving at Rubber Gloves

Wiving SERVANT 3/20/15 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios video by Skihn Bro

I missed this show due to sickness and brokeness, sigh.
I bet it rocked, they always do.

Days and days

Wondering why reader hasn’t updated my feed in 3 days.

A Poem for John Kerry

US Secretary of State takes a break from Iran talks to get his bike fixed

Tinkering away in the shop,
A Tuesday like any other,
Rainy and cold, but spring’s on the way.
Idly daydreaming of John Kerry
Between tightening spokes and sprockets
American SoS
Stately, if not majestic.
Negotiations tough you bet
Centers himself by cycling
In the hills
Outside your shop
But something’s wrong
He speaks fluently
Your language
Isn’t real
Until the security sweep
And the cameras go silent
But by then derailleur’s fixed
And he’s gone
Conquering hills

Two tweets

I really dig these two tweets o’ mine:

Fake self-help books in bookstore

An Imgur gallery of fake self-help books left in a bookstore.
Via: obviousplant on /r/funny


Closest full beat

A rough-n-dirty spreadsheet.

Here’s a screenshot of a spreadsheet I made to figure out how much time to add or subject from a sample to hit on the nearest full beat.

Days like today

Days like today
Need a sun hat
And I got a sun hat
Keep it with me
Had it for years
Since before
I’m a poet
And a good one
But not good enough
Can’t finish that line