Colony – Time Destroys Everything (2015)

New drone/dark ambient album, released under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 in January 2015 by electronic and experimental musician Colony. Continue reading Colony – Time Destroys Everything (2015)

Status: Waiting

Waiting for my book to recharge so I can continue reading.

Quote: Hamlet, lines 1354-5

I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a
king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.

Verizon so upset at Net Neutrality they publish statement in Morse Code

Verizon is so pissed at today’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission to pass strong net neutrality rules that they tried mocking the decision, by calling it a throwback to 1930’s style regulation. As if the New Deal were a pejorative, not an amazing legacy.

Status: Reading Echopraxia

Reading Echopraxia by Peter Watts.

Musique concrète

Musique concrète
a genre of electroacoustic music that is made in part from acousmatic sound. It can feature sounds derived from recordings of musical instruments, voice, and the natural environment as well as those created using synthesizers and computer-based digital signal processing. Also, compositions in this idiom are not restricted to the normal musical rules of melody, harmony, rhythm, metre, and so on. Originally contrasted with “pure” elektronische Musik (based solely on the production and manipulation of electronically produced sounds rather than recorded sounds), the theoretical basis of musique concrète as a compositional practice was developed by Pierre Schaeffer, beginning in the early 1940s.
Wikipedia contributors, ‘Musique concrète‘, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 22 February 2015, 18:37 UTC, [accessed 26 February 2015]

Status: Now Playing

Listening to the DroneZone on SomaFM.


My quest of simplifying this site continues.

The short version for you new guys is: this site has seen three major periods: A Soul in Progress, Poemcraft, and finally Franklyn Monk.

In the beginning A Soul in Progress floated through the maelstrom on webbed balloons and imagined a universe into existence.

The universe unfolded as a duality between Poems and Not Poems. Not Poems broke down into 9 categories and Poems fractured into a maze of parallel taxonomies.

ASiP, driven mad at the prospect of loosing the universe, built traps and holds from spider webs and smoke, a nursery in which sparse gasses could condense.

Shortly thereafter matter started to form and collapse and the old structure could not bare the weight, so ASiP grew into the conjurer/builder known as Poemcraft.

Poemcraft built a rickety scaffolding over the web and smoke, seeking to contain the elusive nature of the poem. Eventually that too dispersed and Franklyn Monk reappeared from out of the shadows to reconcile reality with existence.

That’s where we’re at now. I have condensed the categories, and ceased using the alternative taxonomies and custom fields. I’ve removed redundancies and useless bells and whistles. I’m getting closer to having a default site, a simple space to hang my thoughts out to dry.

And it’s working. I’m now able to compose and post and move on. I’m now able to use mobile WordPress apps and be done with it, no longer weighed down with flags and fields.

I’m chagrinned about how complicated it had become, and relieved with the new simplicity.

Chinaberry how could I not think of you

A little squirrel
chews a chinaberry twig
chinaberry in snow
and you’ll make fun of my spelling
but I’m proud to have gotten it right this time
the chinaberry shakes and bobs
the twig is dropped and squirrel
finds another, and oh that’s funny
you’ll read all kinds
of things into this
when the truth is
it’s a squirrel in the snow
and chinaberries everywhere

But Which?

One of these is important.


Hunting and Pecking

Where is the music coming from?
Somewhere in workspace 2 window 1
On an infinitely scrolling page
Somewhere in workspace 2 window 1
On an infinitely scrolling page
Is music playing
Is music playing
Is music playing
Somewhere in workspace 2 window 1
On an infinitely scrolling page