I am a people after all

Franklyn.“We finally have a chance to celebrate!…

I was featured on the People of Denton
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Turns out I am a people after all.

Chaos Reigns

It’s summer,
Time of the burning dream
When the air shatters into song
A fracture a shard at a time

When Katana, the Fox, darts from
The wheel well of a melting Karmann Ghia.
And pounces into the Blackwood,
Where the song recedes ghost cold and still

An end point of a configuration space
Of a subsystem spanning subsystems
With fudged and blurred initial conditions
Understood as motionless possibilities.

The clearing strains, and holds, and breaks
Into new songs as Katana smiles and runs,
This time it’s a disused warehouse
Where the cunning sneak drinks or naps

When it breaks the Fox’ll move on
To meditation studios, and dungeons,
Daydreams, and death,
Katana the Nexus: the Binding, the Breaking

A chunk of the truth

I’m not looking for love,
I’m not looking for sex
I’m looking for a poem.
And maybe sex,
And maybe love


You have green eyes!
She shouts
I do!
I shout
You have pale blue eyes!
I shout
I do!
She shouts!

It Has No Title

I want to write a poem
But I don’t know what medium
Works best with poetry
Conscious maybe might help
But my pipe is clogged
And the paper clip
I was going to use
Has vanished
Maybe under that silver car
Or maybe someone else
Wanted to write a poem.

Party Crasher! Things Poets Do

Luka Lesson – The Fifth Season

Luka Lesson - The Fifth Season, from Exit

The Monks – Monk Chant

The Monks — Monk Chant [proto-punk, experimental rock] (1966)

Quote: Monroe declining party invitation

I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle.

Marilyn Monroe

False Negative stifling inovation, punishing curiosity

Google’s Mobile Usability test thinks Boo! isn’t mobile friendly for two reasons:

  1. Touch elements too close
  2. Content not sized to viewport

It’s algorithms are flawed. I’ve tested it on numerous mobile platforms, it’s acting as intended. Granted, it’s an experimental piece. I set it up this way because fun, and as an intellectual exercise. I want it to look as if holes were cut through the post background and to print the text of a transparent text image instead of the image. I overlapped the image on top of the text accounting for issue 1. Issue 2 is probably because the image is scaled larger than the view port, but it should rescale with a js function.

I wish/hope there’s a flag I could set to tell Google that this is expected behavior and don’t knock search visibility for it—hell, in fact you should be ranking the page higher.