Oh, my soul

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Imagine I’m a mime berating your neighborhood. Fences become scaffolding for my ARGH! skins; I plaster them on everything. Great big ARGHS! on windows and gates and your cul-de-sac becomes my exclamation mark.

By the time you gasp, you’re covered in assorted ARGH! stickers, ARGH! patches, and a cute ARGH! hat.

“Oh, my soul.”

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If you imagine that well enough you will understand the public shame I am facing. A collection of plug-ins, scripts, podcast solutions, and possibly Terms of Services, have colluded to destroy my creditability and happiness.

2 thoughts on “Oh, my soul”

  1. I’m gonna hafta re-record this; I keep getting nervous and ploughing through.

    I’ll spend the day reciting it to the world-at-large and will dedicate the recording to the inspiring soul that brings out the best in it.

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