Carrier Waves 2

Lines do not exist.

Properties of lines are described
by invisible forces that do not exist
insomuch as they describe.
Descriptions do not exist.
Words are non-existent creations that describe
properties of interactions of non-existence

Words do not exist yet form descriptions.
Words spontaneously form creations that briefly
flare into being and vanish again with the
only evidence being an echo or
shockwave of what may be described
as a chain reaction of creational-existence
A word implies its neighbors,

the neighboring words
imply a phrase a
line a verse.
A poem is an implication.
The implication explodes in
the mind of an audience.
The poem only exists within that explosion
and is then dispersed carrying its own implications,
a wave elongating as it recedes through the vacuum.

A poem is an explosive fury so brief it
cannot be proven to exist, only implied in
a series of impressions left behind in the audience-mind.

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