Christmas greenhouse

Walk to the greenhouse.

Sit near the heater,
enjoy the warmth,
Think of me.

Pull out an iPod and a notebook.
Smile as the plastic rustles.
Lean back and think of what could have been said

Keep leaning back and back and back
Crash into the heater.

Blackness and then a growing awareness.

The yellow notebook is in the mulch.
The heater is on its back.

Jump to your feet,
Lift the heater.
Pick up the chair.

What could have been said.

The iPod is face down beside the hard inner edge of a clay pot.

The screen is not cracked.

Sit in the other chair.
Pull out the notebook and
write what you came out here to write.

And remember to tell your sister about what just happened…
Take notes.

Walk into the greenhouse.

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