Me? I’m Jus Dancin.

She was quick with me twice,
And dismissive twice.
And so utterly confused, uncertain, and befuddled once
That all I could think to do was
Walk away…

Me? I’m jus dancin.

4 thoughts on “Me? I’m Jus Dancin.”

  1. Not sure if I’d change it. On one hand I like “quick with” as it lends itself to a little broader a meaning than I feel “short/snapped” does, but “short with” or “snapped with” give it a bit of a snappier feel. Depends what you’re going for, I suppose. If snappier/more abrupt, then “short/snapped.”

  2. @sexweakrecovery
    Yeah. It’s a struggle between the looser interpretation of quick and the more concrete feel of snap or short. I’m leaning towards keeping quick, but I also want it to be fairly obvious what the line refers to…but, the openness of quick does give more insight into the entirety of the characters outside the once incident.

    So, I’m gonna let it lay for a while and see what happens.

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