The defensive line pummeled my offensive line. My quarterback was sacked. The wide receiver decimated and repeatedly kicked. His last words were “can’t we all get along?”

When Staubach first opened his eyes from the coma he is rumored to have said “oh, the humanity!”

The year is 1975, my forces are assembled on the gridiron. We’re down and demotivated, but we’re not dead yet.

With 24 seconds left Staubach takes the snap, hauls back, closes his eyes and, hopping for a miracle, flings the ball.

The bloody Vikings devastate Staubach’s line, it falls like dominoes in sand. The Blue Menace pounds the weary quarterback to the ground. The world spins into darkness around him, later he would describe it as “being chased by a hurricane while on a roller-coaster to hell.”

Pearson speeds past Wright, fakes left, right…Wright stumbles but somehow manages to maintains balance. As Pearson reaches for the ball the Viking roars, calling on the power of his warrior clan. He vaults into Pearson whose body snaps and instantly collapses. The ball lands near his twitching hand. As he’s being pounded and kicked by the relentless enemy he murmurs “can’t we all just get along?”

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