Introducing Poemcraft

I feel an ideological shift afoot. I am documenting how it informs my understanding of and relationship to poetry. The working title of this construct is Poemcraft.

Poemcraft comes on the heels of A Soul in Progress which can be seen as the philosophical premiss (as opposed to antecedent) of Poemcraft. I did a lousy job documenting A Soul in Progress, although over time you may get your fair share of it—I have many many notebooks to transcribe which, I want to say, have a lot on the subject.

Over time I will bury ASiP alive, leaving no trace except for whispers and innuendo. Only those that remember Poemcraft was once A Soul in Progress will understand the decisions I made as that entity. There will be a surge of interest in seeking the original premiss. There will be a reaction to that. And eventually Progressive Proemcraft will emerge as the compromise. This is the way of the world.

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