She’s on your side

Writing is kinda like this: lions and wild elephants chasing you through burning forests while bandits and thieves trip you up and tie you down and you’re saved by a mysterious flood that later leads to you drowning in evil spirits. In a spot like that you need you some Green Tara. You know who I’m talking about! The natural guardian and protector of all that which plague a writer.

Now then, you gonna need some White Tara too. It’s still the same Tara, but with your White Tara you get even more compassion with extra healing thrown in too. When the writing go wrong and you need some relief it’s the White Tara that’ll guide you along back to health and vigor!

Take both the Green and the White and let’s throw in some trickery because woman has a sense of humor love her for it! This is the ally that guided you so gently into looking away, and in that looking away is the poem. But, that times a thousand. That times a thousand more.

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