So, I’m in the middle of a redesign—check out the new menu! I like where it’s going.

I also replaced my hand rolled post info toggle with Mathias Bynens’ Bulletproof HTML5 <details> fallback using jQuery using Joe Anzalone’s WordPress plugin HTML5 Details Polyfill.

I’m getting FOUCed and I can’t figure out where it’s coming from. The plugin is loading the CSS and the jQuery in the footer of the page, I wonder if it should be loaded first to avoid the blink. I looked at the plugin code and it seems like that’s the intent, I don’t know what it is about my WP installation that is causing the code to be loaded last.

Meanwhile, I have an idea for a poem. It’ll be something like this:


What spins the kalachakra?
Nothing, it’s just a metaphor.

anxiety is bursting at the seams
depression is recoiling into a safe cave
and mania is loving every bit of you!

Who spins the kalachakra
No one, it’s just metaphor.

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