Update A Soul in Progress has transcended

The transition was personally difficult—the punchline ended up being I wasn’t a soul progressing, but a soul regressing back to myself. Odd.

Anyway, the change also affects you, although I tried to make it seamless as possible, you may have to update your bookmarks and feeds and subscriptions, especially if you subscribe to one of the feedburner feeds, I’ve ditched ’em.

Here’s the updated info:

A Soul in Progress is now Frankly Monk
URL: http://fmonk.quasigentsia.com/
RSS: http://fmonk.quasigentsia.com/feed
Comments RSS: http://fmonk.quasigentsia.com/comments/feed
Podcast RSS: http://fmonk.quasigentsia.com/feed/podcast
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/franklyn_monk/id479426029
Subscribe by email: http://fmonk.quasigentsia.com/subscribe

Edit: Looks like the FeedBurner feeds are gonna keep burning all by themself, 3 cheers for wildcard redirects. Since I still have a handful of subscribers using them I’ll keep them up, for now.

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