Apologies Mobile Users

Something went wrong with the latest twentyfourteen theme update. It’ll be a couple days before I can diagnose it.


Temporary Fix

I reverted the parent theme back to Twenty Fourteen 1.0.

I’ll link this up later. Twenty Fourteen 1.1 was released without a changelog. There’s some discussion about this going on. Some are asking why do we need a changelog. This is why, it fucked up my media queries. I don’t have the time to go over the CSS and write new selectors to handle the newly formed problem.

Luckily I had a copy on my dev install, probably should’ve tested it, but I was taking a shortcut and I trusted that not much could have changed. Bad things happen when I start trusting people, blah.

But anyway, don’t have a lot of time. The theme has been reverted. When I get around to fixing it I’ll write a proper post.

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