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Edit: 2/26/15, 9:20:55 AM

I’ve kept this post private since July 7th.
That’s, what, 7 and a half months?
I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s not very good. Maybe I was just checking out galleries. Hell, I’m not even looking at it now, just publishing it and moving on.

Although, I did glance a couple things:

There’s a couple old poems, some of a few that I didn’t loose.
This may be the first public showing, and it’s down a dark and remote corridor. That’s funny, it’s so funny, but hell, they stayed hidden for decades, they can hide out a little longer. It’ll be like an Easter Egg to you, my devout fan.
And I have two versions of Boo! there.
One white, one grey, both transparent.
Because it’s cool.
You should check out the Boo! post. It’s transparent grey over grey, with a copy of the page background sandwiched between.
The effect is cool, albeit on a limited number of devices.
Oh, and also, it copy-and-pastes, and prints, as text.

I saw one of my animated notepad gifs. I don’t know why I chose to include this one over the other, I don’t know where the others are, and I don’t know if any of them became anything else.

The rest you may already be familiar with.

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