The Shock of Remembering

Water droplets burst their majestic energies onto struggling seeds that spasm and squirm into a new existence. The hardwood forest reduced to serving man his pity—resilient to all that dare to penetrate its nebulous swirls and knots—a universe of its own threading. Galaxies of diamonds implode into stillness. There’s a blush, and a motion involving a perfect ear.

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Franklyn Monk

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Title The Shock of Remembering


I just found this, it was written sometime between 3/16/2012 and 3/21/2012. I thought I posted it, but I can't find it on this site. So here it is, backdated.

Darlings KilledI hacked off three or four needless stanzas, but I might use some of the imagery elsewhere

Fearful and uncertain hands dodge and press on in their relentless quest for, what may be...pockets?—sudden horror. The shock of remembering, The light trick.

On the mound a pitcher wryly snaps a fastball to...a catcher...played by... there, a young woman, brunette, in a black dress at a bar.

A brass zippo floats through the blackness, as it nears the martini glass its volatile surface clouds up and drifts away from haunting brown eyes, pearls rejoice and lips part to tell secrets.

A swarm of fireflies twirling fire dancers stars igniting in their cloudy womb. Broken bottles, shattered windshields. An olive tumbling slowly in the middle of it all, its toothpick plotting conic sections and sheiks of pain

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