Have a flower day

Melissa was thinking about flowers
No particular reason,
Today was just a flower day is all
Everybody beautiful
Everybody happy
Everybody and everything flowers
Lattes are lilies
And cappuccino roses
And the espresso machine
is a flowering garden
Where steam snakes
Sprout vines and bloom
Flowers in cups
For happy flower people
His voice is rich compost
And honey mesquite
Golden flowers pop
From his speech balloon
A humming bird darts and bobs
Lands on a branch
and jets off into the woods
A rich cacophony
green with laughter
and mad with flowers
His face the sun
his words the eager earth
his lips the rain
He gets something special
He gets holding of hands and snuggles
He gets puffy pink flowers
and bumble bees.

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Franklyn Monk

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