Damn you Heisenberg

When you go out
for your cigarette’s
worth of daydream
and ponder
whether to take
a notebook,
or if it’s okay to
leave it behind,
Rejoice in the notion
of an indifferent universe
suffused with agony
unfair from end to end
there is no safe answer.
Someone or something
Will always get hurt,
And it’s usually me,
You’ll be damned
if you gather it up,
the pressure of having
a notepad at the ready
disrupts that universe
and often keeps coherent
dreams from forming
You’ll be damned
if you leave it behind,
a million full-fledged worlds
with history, and stories,
and people will dance
around the tree-line,
inviting you on adventures
but only if you get over
the guilt of being
unable to capture
the ephemeral.
Lady Luck, paint my trees
and give me the courage
to accept the situational
restrictions of realtime.

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Franklyn Monk

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