Attuned 1

Beauty is average height,
average weight,
and average hair,
—how could it not be?
with graceful eyes controlled
by millions of muscles,
being fed autonomic impulses
from a million neurons.
Fuck hips, the eyes are the species’ signage.
Before there were words,
we cast meaning with our eyes
when there was danger or need love or fright
This set, this love,
alarm, or empathy
manifests in eyes
before words
your eyes meet,
and you’re human again

Momentarily forgetting
the apple you’re holding,
the juvenile learning nearby,
the ally hiding in the canopy

Eyes are lowrez and fast.
A broad overview of another’s immediate emotional and cognitive states.

Their eyes tell you
your baseline responses
are comparable:
This is an ally
intelligent, cooperative,
and free for sharing.

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Franklyn Monk

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