More blood
And more pus
And goo
Red streaks leading to
Bottomless pits
Gushing and pooling
Sickly red in afternoon glare
Garish garish
And the chisel slips
And the hammer
Smashes your thumb
Only this time you don’t scream
You take another blow
The pain, yeah it’s there
But you bear it
The path needs building
And you’re the builder
The bricks need a saving
And your the savior
Finger tips worn smooth
Split and crack and ooze
Hamstrings strained and popping
Arms and knuckles and muscles and joints and skin
Pounded into submission helplessness
It’s all rough and hard and blunt
Sharp and gritty and dusty and muddy
Mosquito clouds your vision
A scorpion numbs your thumb and you carry on
Covered head to toe in poison ivy
Defiant as love
You pound and lift and hack
And strain and twist and pull
Nothing else to do
Path need be built

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Franklyn Monk

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