Colony – Time Destroys Everything (2015)

New drone/dark ambient album, released under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 in January 2015 by electronic and experimental musician Colony.

If there be one thing you should learn about me, let it be that it’s hard to get me to come inside. Most of the time I’ll be coaxing you out for a hike, or a walk, or a sit under the trees.

Even in the middle of freak ice-storms, I’ll have you yearning for the outdoors. Yearning to stomp through the ice, with me, and now, and what fun it will be!

Let that be my virtue, my being, my departing.

And this album had me running back in from the cold and plunging my head into the cans.

It’s pure and honest and true.
It’ll bring you in from the cold.

After a ten-year long degenerative illness, my father passed away the same morning I went to the studio to begin mastering these tracks. I cannot help but see some beauty in such punctuality. TIME DESTROYS EVERYTHING is the fifth album of COLONY and is dedicated to him.

Some textures and soundscapes were created during the previous sessions of MUSIC FOR EMPTY ROOMS, but I decided not to include them in that album for fear of its playlist becoming really too long. So they ended up here pretty naturally, some of them with only little postproduction added and some drastically mixed with a lot of live improvisation, tape manipulation and other things. As a consequence of this free process – and as a precise choice too, obviously – in TIME DESTROYS EVERYTHING there are no riffs, no hooks, no beats or other discernible rhythmic structures. Well, almost…

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