False Negative stifling inovation, punishing curiosity

Google’s Mobile Usability test thinks Boo! isn’t mobile friendly for two reasons:

  1. Touch elements too close
  2. Content not sized to viewport

It’s algorithms are flawed. I’ve tested it on numerous mobile platforms, it’s acting as intended. Granted, it’s an experimental piece. I set it up this way because fun, and as an intellectual exercise. I want it to look as if holes were cut through the post background and to print the text of a transparent text image instead of the image. I overlapped the image on top of the text accounting for issue 1. Issue 2 is probably because the image is scaled larger than the view port, but it should rescale with a js function.

I wish/hope there’s a flag I could set to tell Google that this is expected behavior and don’t knock search visibility for it—hell, in fact you should be ranking the page higher.

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