The Storm


UPDATE: Thursday, July 5, 2012 8:49:33 AM. I just noticed that this poem was marked private, I guess from the beginning, I have no idea why—maybe because it sucks. I’m opening it up to the public now, and perhaps I’ll fix it sometimes.

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There is a storm gathering behind me
wanting to surround and envelop me
billowing dark clouds sneak up waiting
for their chance to explode
lightning strikes burst from the edges
the glowing buzz a warning—
a rattle snake about to strike

my chest clenches around cold agitation
threatening to take my words
I need to scream or I’ll loose my voice
and go unnoticed and unrecognized forever

my thighs tighten and burn
urging a quick getaway from
the now monstrous storm front

that cuts off my escape route
I turn and turn again but the agile
clouds envelop me
I spin in a mad twirl
looking for a break in the clouds
a frenzied search for silence

the storm solidifies, becoming a concrete cell
I pound at the walls and tear at the cracks
but it closes in

my voice echos in isolation
my body tense and my throat burns
as my words are ripped away

I burn alone voiceless in the void

One thought on “The Storm”

  1. It was recommended that I pull some of the words from my Sestina to create more of a connection between the two as they seem to share the same mood. And possibly write a third along the same lines for a collection.

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