A Tale of Woe and Triumph

I have a take of woe
And triumph!
In my quest to get my iTunes Store podcast listing to refresh, I broke my site 🙁
Here’s the short version
At 8:35 last night my site crashed, and crashed hard.
It was a perfect storm of cluster fucks! Many various and sundry errors that played off each other so well I had to deconstruct the problem blind, relying on instinct, intuition, experience, and a calm centerness that would scare you. I had no feedback, no logs, no debugging, nothing. It was like solving a Rubik’s cube, blindfolded, in the dark. All the pieces had to come together before I could pull any information from the black box. Slowly and calmly
bit by bit table by table line by line character by character it started coming together
Around 3 am I was shaking with exhaustion and couldn’t figure out why it still wasn’t working so undecided to call it a night.
I check my email and boom my automated site monitor sent an email-your site was down for 7 hours, but you’re back up!
I was afraid to check, I diverted myself with mail and entertainment and by cleaning up the mess my desktop had become with all the files and windows and terminals and etc
After everything was nice and spiffy I check. And sure enough, yay! Back in business!
It’s gonna run slow for a while until I reinstall a cacheing plugin, but I’m too tired to do that now, I’ll deal with that tomorrow.
It’s sleepies time

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