Bactrian Chorus of Drones

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Originally this was a part of The Tenth Day, but it wasn’t featured as prominently as I thought it should be. I’ve tweaked it a little, I’m uncertain if you’ll be able to recognize it—more so if I hadn’t mentioned it.

I had a blast with the video too, until the files got so large that Gimp choked on em, brought down my whole machine. Took four hours to get running again. Yikes.

The background came from a featured image I just made for No Help For That (from 2012!). I’m making featured images for posts I find missing them—there’s gonna be a lot of them, and they’re mostly gonna be old.

Edit: I’m having a doozy of a time posting this one. I keep getting server 500 errors, and I can’t tell where they’re coming from. It’s almost as if the database or cache is choking on one of the images I’m trying to attach to the post. 14,400 squared, wouldn’t think that would be an issue. 16,500 x 60 shouldn’t be a problem either. Who knows. Maybe something my theme can’t handle, or triggers some bad math somewhere.

Error logs shows: mysqli_query(): (HY000/2013): Lost connection to MySQL server during query in wp-db.php on line 1877 as well as Illegal string offset 'width' in template-tags.php on line 115 and Illegal string offset 'height' in template-tags.php on line 116. I suppose it could be trying to retrieve width and height information before WordPress completes saving and crunching the files, and freaking out. Or I could have corrupted my database somewhere along the line. I don’t know. I’m keeping an eye open, and working around it the best I can. I hope it straightens itself out, maybe on the next cache refresh—but I’m afraid to do it manually, let the crone job do it’s thing and see what happens. I guess in the trolley car problem I’d not act, my actions could just make shit worse. I don’t know. I can’t predict the future, I’ve tried, I’m a miserable failure.

TITLE: Bactrian
DESCRIPTION: Chorus of drones.
ARTIST: Franklyn Monk
ALBUM: Dronecast
GENRE: Drone, Soundscape, Ambient
YEAR: 2017
PUBLISHER: Quasigentsia
TAGS: soundscape, sound design, experimental, ambient, drone, franklyn monk, dronecast, 40, reaper, audio, podcast, monk, video
URL: Persistent
MIRRORS: Archive Audio | Archive Video | YouTube
LICENSE: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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