2950 Hz

Have I ever played for you 2950 Hz?

I found it laying around. It’s a 2950 Hz tone, picked out of the background of one of my voice memos, from two Novembers ago. That fall and winter you could hear this tone for blocks. I think it was from a faulty light fixture, or a faulty deterrent device. The colder it got, the louder it became—November 11, 2015 must’ve been a particularly cold night.

I cleaned it up the best I could, probably, it’s been a minute. I filtered out noise, and some inane poem about something I’m sure meant something, I’m sure. If you crank it you can still hear hints of it. Not worth the trouble , and besides the point.

The point here is, this is the tone that settled over my hood for a spell. It’s approximately 2950 Hz.

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