Fine Edge

This entry is part 7 of 12 in the series Undrafted, February 2015

By the slimmest of margins this is either a disaster or it’s antonym, that thing I have no word for.


The Interim

In the interim A Soul In Progress shrugged off the cloak and vanished. Moments later Frankly Monk leapt from the swirling darkness and took the stage.


There’s a dragon out here,
behind me
in the dark
behind the trees.

Its low two-stroke-motor purr
shakes the ground rattlin teeth,

gasping hope for tomorrow.

The Settlers of Catan

there’s something in
those first harsh hits
that make you pause,
press at the darkness
and think whatsyerdoin
flanked both sides like that
the dull ache cleaves you

from your rightful lands
for a brick
whatsyerdoin without brick

There were warning signs

Mowed on the diagonal, for one,
shoulda known something then
not only diagonal but hockey sticks
musta been trying prove a point

Like hockey sticks don’t lie

It’ll make you reconsider

“Didn’t think them one of us,
but had the good sense to disable
the guard”, says Stump,
the one handed,
with the eyepatch.

And a limp.

We’ll see how it breaks

I changed the category Observations to Pronouncements, because I’m tied of the weak and easy ego strokes, the ineffectual cries, and the pandering to mystery that make up the days observance.

a lonesome truth from the trail

if you don’t feel naked without a notebook
you ain’t doing it right

Vascular wilt

out by the overly shaded dahlia pit where the beautyberry will go is an infinite series of interconnected teeter-totters six of which are evident made from logs of invasive mimosa that stink of disease the lot of them produced enough shade to kill off a native stand before dying off the land cares for its own but young pop up quick in disturbed areas around the shrine to the native victims of the invasion overlooking both the graveyard and the pile of corpses motherfucker ain’t gonna come out of nowhere and sting your ass boy I like to think staring at the hornet

These little piggies

Franklyn Monk Dronecast #9: These little piggies

A stand of mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) trees sway in the wind.

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