Badaboom Thirty Stitches

Franklyn Monk Dronecast #34

So, I sold blood plasma in order to keep this website going.
And cycled back in the Texas heat, and passed out on my porch.
Smashing my head on brick. Ended up with thirty stitches.
A week later I get them taken out to find they “didn’t take” and I’m gonna loose a huge chunk of my eyebrow. I’m bummed about it.
I’m going to do it again as soon as I’m healed enough to donate.
I’m serious about my art.

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I’m trying to resolve this as quick as I can with Bluehost tech support.

In the meantime I have deactivated Cloudflare (to prove its innocence in all this). The move may have introduced bugs, and the site might lag more than normal.

We’re working on it 😀

PS: the issue is mail is being sent directly to dev/null
If anyone can help me with that.

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FBI Scrutiny in Denton? – Texas Sharon’s Bluedaze

I had no idea that the tactics of mainstream politics have seeped into municipal governance.
I guess Marx was right: “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas”.

It saddens me.

Did you receive a receive a shiny mailer today in your mailbox claiming there is FBI scrutiny in Denton and warning of subversives? Must be election time.

Source: FBI Scrutiny in Denton? – Texas Sharon’s Bluedaze


Bernie Sanders because a poor kid from Brooklyn is tougher than a silver spoon from Queens

What’s up with all the Bernie?

I’m kinda happy how this FB comment came out. Someone said something like, “what’s up with all the Bernie talk, you guys as as adamant as Trump!”

My first response was something like, “yeah, we’re a passionate folk, I guess.
Is this your first political campaign?”

On receiving no reply, I went ahead and had my say:

Thanks to the internet (which could go away, any minute now) you’re being afforded the opportunity to hear what people are thinking about.
And we’re all thinking about the same thing. We’re thinking about the election. We’re thinking about how November will affect the rest of US and World history. It’s an important one.

This is the open debate that goes on behind the scenes that the media are oblivious to. And it certainly is an exciting one.

Now that you’re aware of it, you’ll be hearing it everywhere. At the water cooler, and in the elevator.
Park benches and sidewalks. In line waiting for your coffee, people are talking about it. Like everyone. Everyone is talking about the democratic primary!!!
You start seeing little stickers on windows, and little buttons on backpacks, little signs in yards,
And BIG signs on the highways

And you wonder: “wait, is this a thing?”

It’s kinda like Olympics, it comes around every so often and it’s all people can talk about for a while, and before you figure out what all the excitement is about, it’s over 🙁
There’s a pretty closing ceremony though, with torches and dancers.
That’s nice

My Sweet Lord

What Harrison does with “you”
in the fifth line—
Now, I can get a little lip quiver
A little tear, dink, from the corner of my eye when I want people to think I’m sad, when the situation calls, when I’m so overwhelmed with the absurdity of things
But not at my momma funeral,
Because that’s a farce, and with farces you constrain laughter,
Is my understanding
But what George does,
With that second “you”
My Sweet Lord
Strikes me as authentic
Motherfucker captured a moment of truth


WIP: Denton

I’ve had a productive weekend. I’m feeling pretty good about it, but my latest project is taking longer than I’d hoped. It’s pretty ambitious. It’s epic. It’s about my time here in Denton. It’s about you. It’s about insecurity and the fear of hope. It’s about secluded evenings, and sneaking a secluded evening, every once in a while, with someone that makes you happy. It’s about long days becoming long nights and the Harvest Moon. It’s about loosing and winning and freaking out, that is to say, it’s about love.

Or panic.

Who doesn’t panic in the face of love?
Those that ain’t been hurt.

It’s about hurt and hope and rebirth and love and panic.

Here in Denton.

My most ambitious piece.

It’s gonna take a while.

I am a people after all

Franklyn.“We finally have a chance to celebrate!…

I was featured on the People of Denton
(be sure to like the original People of Denton Facebook post)

Turns out I am a people after all.

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