In the Evening

Here’s a spooky little number I composed over Halloween.

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I made this one completely from scratch in Audacity. I generated the tones, spliced them together, and also made Shepard tones from scratch.

I haven’t been making these in a while. Here’s one I created…I don’t know when, a while back. Originally known as Frequency Out because it was a mixed down backtrack of a larger project that I never got around to completing. FreqOut made me snigger, so that’s what I went with.

Feel free to use it in your project if it fits, or just listen to it in the background while you paint, or meditate or write, or whatever. It should stay out of your way enough to concentrate, while challenging you enough that you don’t fall asleep.

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Ceiling Fan

The percussive thud isn’t from the fan, it’s the heartbeat of my soon to be born niece or nephew.

The download link above is for the audio (m4a) which I sent out for my podcast (I couldn’t justify hitting my subscribers with a large video podcast). The original audio and video | the new video, as part of my Video Compilation.

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Franklyn Monk Podcast #16, StrawberryBanana

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As if that would make me feel better

An ambient soundtrack with looping vocals which, perhaps, demonstrates what it’s like to be swept into rumination. At 16m40s it’s a good length for a short meditative sit.

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