Goddamn it


I’ve been planning on mentioning this for a while now.
For months, several months.

A long ago I bulk changed the format of my podcast tracks—to appease the many podcast aggregators that are mp3 only.

I didn’t realize archive.org used such aggressive settings with their auto-derive function. 🙁

Since then, I’ve been creating my own mp3, but there’s still a yuge majority of ill-converted tracks in my feed. I’ll have to edit them one at a time, like 30…five. Like having to look through the original files of thirty items, and updating the feed items accordingly. Most were originally broadcast as m4a, but not all, some were mp3 to begin with, so I can’t just bulk change all extensions.

Maybe there’s a WordPress log somewhere of the changes I made, hunting that down may be monotonous as well.

Not looking forward to it

Been avoiding it for months

And months

A Tale of Woe and Triumph

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series iTunes Podcast Issue

I have a take of woe
And triumph!
In my quest to get my iTunes Store podcast listing to refresh, I broke my site 🙁
Here’s the short version Continue reading A Tale of Woe and Triumph

Does iTunes Store use Google webcache?

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series iTunes Podcast Issue

Still having problems with my iTunes Podcast listing.

Oddly enough, the old version of my podcast feed that is showing up in the iTunes store is an exact duplicate of the one that Google has cached.

Could it be that the iTunes Store podcast directory uses the Google web cache?

I’m submitted a cache removal request for the feed, should take about a day to go through, we’ll see then.

Nope, broken again

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series iTunes Podcast Issue

For Pete’s Sake! my iTunes store listing is broken again. The podcast feed is working correctly. I think Apple has a cacheing issue going on. Everything is good on my end—I’ve checked and rechecked over a course of weeks. I followed all the advice Apple Support sent me, and at for a brief moment it started working again and displayed the most up to date list, but it suddenly reverted. If you subscribe in iTunes you’ll still be able to pull down the most recent episodes even though they’re not listed in iTS.

Google Play is working correctly as is Podbay, and others.

Feed Issues Update

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series iTunes Podcast Issue

I think I finally have my iTunes store podcast listing straightened out. Something about not having PowerPress display the media player and download links in my posts and having a YouTube embed instead. Once I allowed the media player to display the iTunes store listing refreshed with my latest episodes.

It shouldn’t work that way, no other directory had a problem. But…what works, works, I guess. Sadly I know have both the PowerPress player and the YouTube player in my podcast posts. I’m trying to figure out what to do about that. I’ll be leaving it for the time being, and maybe, hopefully, I’ll get it sorted out one of these days. For now I’m just thankful the listing has finally updated.

Feed Issues

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series iTunes Podcast Issue

My iTunes store podcast listing is borked, the rss feed is working properly though, so use that for the time being.

I noticed the problem after uploading Follow Your Heart, and spent the next 12 hours trying to figure it out. I got it working again, kinda, I think.

There were multiple possible issues, but I couldn’t find any definite answers. Through trial and error I have decerned a few things that wreck havoc on podcast catchers and services.

  • the length of audio seems to be a factor, tracks under 40 seconds will cause some services to hang and stop processing the feed
  • feed aggregators are very finicky about formats and containers, many don’t know how to handle lossless ALAC encoded m4a, while processing lossy AAC encoded m4a just fine.
  • some services freak out over unicode characters in a podcast title, description, or post. I had a “₀” (SUBSCRIPT ZERO Unicode: U+2080) that caused issues.

Various podcast services and catcher are working again, and while the iTunes app on OS X, and Apple’s Podcast app on iOS are working, my iTunes store listing isn’t updating. Guess it’s a wait and see game at this point.

Technical Issues

I’m not receiving email from any of this domains addresses. If you need to reach me use any of my social media accounts.

I’m trying to resolve this as quick as I can with Bluehost tech support.

In the meantime I have deactivated Cloudflare (to prove its innocence in all this). The move may have introduced bugs, and the site might lag more than normal.

We’re working on it 😀

PS: the issue is mail is being sent directly to dev/null
If anyone can help me with that.

It happens to coincide with the latest update to dovecot

False Negative stifling inovation, punishing curiosity

Google’s Mobile Usability test thinks Boo! isn’t mobile friendly for two reasons:

  1. Touch elements too close
  2. Content not sized to viewport

It’s algorithms are flawed. I’ve tested it on numerous mobile platforms, it’s acting as intended. Granted, it’s an experimental piece. I set it up this way because fun, and as an intellectual exercise. I want it to look as if holes were cut through the post background and to print the text of a transparent text image instead of the image. I overlapped the image on top of the text accounting for issue 1. Issue 2 is probably because the image is scaled larger than the view port, but it should rescale with a js function.

I wish/hope there’s a flag I could set to tell Google that this is expected behavior and don’t knock search visibility for it—hell, in fact you should be ranking the page higher.

Foolishness (sigh)

Hunted all night to figure out why the text on my site was so small. I dissected the parent theme, every plugin, anything that adds any css. Checked and double checked every style in use. Rewrote font-size rules. And then I discovered it only affected the front page—category and tag pages worked properly. The second page on through worked properly.

There was my clue, must be a malformed post somewhere on the front page some where, must be the first one. That damn thing was written in haste and love and has all kinds of markup. I dig through that a line at a time and discover an unclosed <small> tag.

Of course of course.

The lesson here is 1) get adequate rest, I’ve been kinda over doing it lately 2) look at the obvious things first 3) check out other contexts—had I compared other pages to the front it would’ve been obvious.

Mistakes made, lessons learned, good night.

Tumblr Blues

My tumblr share button is currently sharing a youtube video. I having a feeling it’s a conflict with tumblr widget.

Deactivated the tumblr widget. Sharing button working again.