The Talk of the Town


From the Square to the outskirts there seems to be but one issue on the townsfolk’s mind: Custom Field Bulk Editor refusing its duties.

UPDATE: A handsome stranger strolls into town amid much rejoicing; Mass Custom Fields Manager has saved the day!

UPDATE (the second): And then a herd of angelic ponies came riding up with news that the original issue has been resolved!

Oh, my soul

Main Content

Imagine I’m a mime berating your neighborhood. Fences become scaffolding for my ARGH! skins; I plaster them on everything. Great big ARGHS! on windows and gates and your cul-de-sac becomes my exclamation mark.

By the time you gasp, you’re covered in assorted ARGH! stickers, ARGH! patches, and a cute ARGH! hat.

“Oh, my soul.”

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If you imagine that well enough you will understand the public shame I am facing. A collection of plug-ins, scripts, podcast solutions, and possibly Terms of Services, have colluded to destroy my creditability and happiness.

Updating Hell


All the clamor on this end of things is all about how why the Robots Meta WP plugin resets every post to index, follow whenever bulk-actions are conducted. Continue reading Updating Hell

Batch edit custom fields?

Custom Field Bulk Editor doesn’t work.
I am afraid of Bulk Edit Custom Field Plugin.


I am currently working on taxonomy of the site; categories and tags are gonna be in flux for a while.

Technical Issues

At some point my custom theme broke. I’ve reverted to the default theme until I can figure out what happened.

From Here On Down

If you’re browsing the site in reverse chronological order you may wonder why everything below this post is dated January 1, 1970…

Shit broke is why.
Continue reading From Here On Down