Behind Junkie

Example of my Technique

Brusier.m4a is a field recording I made on a warm October morning between a dry cleaners and a restaurant. A downspout was producing a crazy discordant noise. I think it was ice from a freezing up A/C unit on the roof, but I’m not sure.

Kids and dogs wandered by wondering what the hell I was doing crouched down holding my phone up to the downspout.

The recording became bibruser3_stems_OuiDecay-001 the rhythmic jangly stringy percussive cohesive backing layer of Junkie.

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Late Freeze Wintery Mix

A recording of an early spring storm.

Edit: 7 March, 2014.
What I like most about this one is the white noise at the end is so loud and so oppressive that when it finally slams to an end I’m catapulted into heady relief. I’m left weightless, numb, and free for the first time.

Hey, motherfuckers, no pain—no gain.
Come suffer with me and be born again in fire.

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