Coffee Faith – Return From Darkness

Coffee Faith is a solo project from Rio Nurkholis Syaifuddin that carries the drone music. With a few people from different background music genres to collaborate in it be "Return From Darkness"
1. Return From Darkness
           (feat. Fran on Guitar)
2. D-E-A-D
3. Isolated
           (feat. Faith Banana For Silvy on Guitar)
4. The Dark Room
           (feat. Agast Insanity on Bass)
5. Concentrated
           (feat. Faith Banana For Silvy on Vocal)


Bonus Track

We Are Invisible Now – Volume 1 (2015)

New drone/dark ambient compilation album released under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 on 15 March, 2015 by “We Are Invisible Now”, a no-profit sound project. Compiled by Sebastiano Festa.
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Beijing 2001 Rebels of the Neon God

Rebels of the Neon God — Beijing 2001 [Psychedelic Rock, jam session] (2001) – [10:35]

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Colony – Time Destroys Everything (2015)

New drone/dark ambient album, released under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 in January 2015 by electronic and experimental musician Colony. Continue reading Colony – Time Destroys Everything (2015)

The Perfect Song

This is the perfect song. I know this because I have already spent twenty hours listening to it, and there’s no end in sight.

Cohen’s deadpan delivery is perfect for this kind of engagement, for the long and repeating and always learning more.

Nothing wasted and nothing missed. Nothing longed for or skipped. It’s low key and deliberate. Measured and delivered with the calmness and wisdom of resignation.

The Best Of

Here are some of my favorite Dronecast tracks in one convenient playlist. Almost two hours worth.

Take a breath

It’s a beautiful day.
Take a breather.
Here’s something to listen to while you do.

Communion ” Beati Mundo Corde” (1:36)
Choeur Grégorien De Paris Et Schola Greg. Pragensi
Toussaint Requiem – Chants Grégoriens À Fronfroide

and other things!

Sven Meyer – Drown
experimental, ambient, drone
a l0BIT release