Days and days

Wondering why reader hasn’t updated my feed in 3 days.

Status: Fixed

Shortlinks working once again.

Status: Shortlinks

My shortlink solution failed, some time ago…by the looks of it.
Reimplemented Jetpacks WP shortlinks for time being.

Status: Demotivated

That sickening feeling when you realize you’ve been sending out the wrong resume draft this whole time.

Status: Guilt

I still feel guilty for writing poems,
I don’t know if because useless
Or in case you disapprove.

Status: Steps to Integration

Fresh new haircut, looking all presentable and shit.

Status: Waiting

Waiting for my book to recharge so I can continue reading.

Status: Reading Echopraxia

Reading Echopraxia by Peter Watts.

Status: Now Playing

Listening to the DroneZone on SomaFM.