Selected Poems

This is the top level page hierarchy is where I’ll be placing the final versions of my poems. This will free up the rest of the site to be a scratchpad. In this way I shall escape Azathoth’s jealousy.

Azathoth by XlegendariumX

Azathoth, she of mixed taxonomies, she of whirling chaos shall have no rival in me.

I’ll keep it simple. Pages, Posts…

When I started this damn thing, back, fuck too far back to look, to risk looking, too long ago, fresh out of the box I create an elaborate mufti-taxonomic chaos demon and put it in charge of preserving insight.

I’ve been slowly backing away from it since.

I think I’m almost close enough to make a run for it.

…A static front page 

It’ll be good.

Fuck, it’ll be good. I’ll cut loose a fucking dozen custom fields, post types and formats and cringe and cringe 

Haven’t been keeping up with it. As the software evolved over time I’ve had to keep current with prevailing paradigms, and that’s getting old the software/design/information sphere reminds me of a poet in search of the perfect poem and nothing and nothing is going to interfere with the pursuit because there is literally nothing left…I find the that whole ecosystem is solipsistic, single-minded, and far less productive than they take credit for.

It’s holding us back. I’m ducking out. I’m gonna kick it old school for a bit.

In the meantime my poems are still here.

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