once again I blend into the shadows
my existence dedicated to the prowl
seeking, again, the pain of betrayal
and as always, I will find it tonight
between and beyond anonymous streets
once again I burn as my rage turns cold

colors, out of place in the grey cold +
dance before being swept up in shadows.
contempt forces me back into the streets,
you are not here, it’s time again to prowl
claustrophobic in the purposeful night
I seek once again that knowing betrayal

I follow the pounding smoke of betrayal,
its stench clings to you, I pick up the cold
scent; track it to the next stop of the night.
ignored, I drop back into shadow. +
I allow bitterness to fuel my prowl
as I march my anger down ragged streets.

Harsh winds conceal my stride through lonely streets.
exploding anger echos betrayal,
counting out the rhythm of my mad prowl.
reds and yellows crystallize in the cold
eventually joining the black shadows
continuing the string of sleepless nights.

The relentless solitude of bitter nights
coerces me into steam filled streets +
where I am compelled to join the shadows
to seek your final callous betrayal.
once again rage cuts me with hard-edged cold
as I continue the dance of the prowl.

Becoming as harsh as you are, I prowl
Each house, each alley, each club of each night.
I will find you, I always do, as cold
as the city, as harsh as the hard streets.
Dutiful and ugly in your betrayal
I resign and make love to the shadows

I prowl these streets
seeking tonight’s betrayal
in the cold shadows

One thought on “Sestina”

  1. Feedback includes: It seems that the main character in the poem perceives his or her actions as an art. I should explore that more. I am thinking that over.

    It was also recommended that I vary the line lengths. I’m already stuck in the sestina form no reason to make it harder on myself by getting all syllabic and shit. So, yeah, I’m gonna pull in some C.K. WIlliamsesque long ass lines and see what happens.

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