Updating Hell


All the clamor on this end of things is all about how why the Robots Meta WP plugin resets every post to index, follow whenever bulk-actions are conducted. Perhaps, I need to switch to WordPress Meta Robots, which seems to have actually been tested under WP 3.2.1. The thought paralyzes me though; I am beset by a foul image: the agony of having to re-meta robots for limitless posts. Hell, if you could see fit to honor a request, I would like it to be: please don’t make me update an infinite number of posts’ meta-robot data manually, a single post at a time.

Update, Nov 18: I did install WPMR: it works on single posts, but has no bulk editing that I can see. And, sigh, I had to manually change a limitless number of posts.

In related news
Feedburner, I’ve seen that.
* How does it work
* Why, oh god why
* That’s pretty snazzy

Er, ok, this:
* Now in iTunes podcast directory, vote me up.
* Got some Feedburner action going, email digest anyone?
* Decided to not make a custom theme until I have the taxonomy and navigation down.
* A lot of retagging, recategorizing, and cleaning
* Every post that had individualized robot instructions got reset, and then recoded, manually
* and I hid many poems that I was embarrassed of (yes, it is self-defeating to the goal of this siteā€”but some poems are waste-cases, learn when it’s time to give up)

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