Last Tuesday, April 20, I performed in public for the first time in over a decade. Two good friends showed up to encourage me—one was late, but it’s the thought that counts. With their help I was able to rock the mic. Thanks guys!

I feel I did really well. It was a very anxious moment for this painfully shy guy but it made me feel alive. I hammed it up, played with the audience, joked with the sound-guy, and had a wonderful time. I performed three of my most recent poems: Me, I’m Just Dancing, You Can’t Be Neutral, and The Gratzi; as well as two old ones that I don’t have up Dynamite and Firewood, and Moonlight. I’m going to start participating in more such things. I think that poetry is meant to be heard, that’s especially true of mine.

This Friday I read for a friend who really got into them. He commented that he was much more impressed having heard them then he was when he first read them.

Those two events helped me to decide to start posting audio of me reading the poems. The site will shortly include a podcast feed. My poems are meant to be heard. It’ll take me a bit to get everything together, but I’m hoping by the end of the week to have some audio up in here!

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