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Forces of Victory is not simply one of the most important reggae records of its time, it’s one of the most important reggae records ever recorded.

Amazon sells Forces Of Victory

I just discovered my ENTIRE site was not only not being indexed, but had been effectively de-indexed.

Here’s what happened:

Cloudflare, my caching service, was freaking out Bad Behavior (bad guy blocker). BB thought that CF’s distributed-reverse-proxy-caching-thing was an attempt for a Bad Guy to hide his tracks while compromising the site. When googleBot didn’t enter a captcha it sent the poor spider running in circles thus not indexing anything.

This has been happening for months. The site was de-inexed during that time.

I had to firmly tell BB that I know incoming traffic is being circuitously routed through this IP address, using this identifier, and yes it’s ok, no yeah, fuck just let it in!


I am busy trying to lure back search engine spiders back. Here spidy spidy spidy…

Update: The Next Day

It appears Google is happy to have me back…Bing, not so much.

GoogleBot is happily chowing down my links and indexing my pages, which are already appearing in search results. Bing, on the other hand, is waiting, for something. It won’t even download my sitemap. Google happily did, almost instantly.

It’s not hard to understand why Google is dominant in the field. It almost hurts how incapable Microsoft is. You guys should compare Bing’s imitation of Google’s Webmaster Tools. Be sure to have some tissue handy, you will cry.

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