socratic empathy

I hate hearing about what happened to you. I really do. Hey, this might cheer you up: Libertarians are Republicans that just want to smoke pot with a clear conscience. Thought you’d like that. But, yeah, things are bad. I guess you need to linger for a moment. You can see it clearly now can’t you?

What happens when you have a population develop with internalized victimhood at its foundation? Generations sculpted and molded from fear. Generations of blind acceptance, of obedience. Of know your place.

What happens when you have built that and tap into it to intrench your position, and it’s not enough. What happens when paid in full riots become stand your ground. And in that frenzy they start taking you out one by one? The moderate Republican is both Trotsky’s icepick and then they came for me. But fester up Alienation, we’ve been there.

Battered by the wrong end of power? We know a thing or two about that. We have centuries worth. But in that time we developed something you’ve always needed but never missed: a history.

Imagine raising your head to the night sky and Galileo winks at you. From the stars a pantheon appears. All the gods of lore. The Buddha and Jung can usually be found strolling along the path smiling together, while Zinn is always was here a minute ago. And blam some old guy hands you a poem. He sees through you. We got that bro, you’ll be fine

but… what happens when to all that you add the capacity to deny first hand knowledge and it turns on you. It gave you power, for a bit, but when the world burns will they even notice…

or will they welcome it. What would happen if you added to our stew the need to not live in this world but the next. What happens if you simmer that for a couple millennia?

What happens when you combine rage and guilt a need for death and a feeling of persecution with deep-seated insecurity and infuse in it righteous power?

You have puppeteers focus the nightmare on your behalf, but what happens when the puppeteers walk on stage in full view of the public, cameras and all, and tells you this is his theater now, and this is his audience and these are his puppets. What happens when you get upstaged like that? What happens when you rose no ships and your lieutenant simply stabs you because you are no longer worth paying off.

Do you wish for a better world. Do you mutter bitterly. Do you think god has a plan for you? You can do all that, and we have centuries at a time, but if you do just clear the tracks will ya?

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