America: RPG

U.S.A: a niche market of ideas from which a tightly packed knot of ideologies form.
Neoliberalism: describes the ideological stance of the dominant economic model that began with the industrial revolution and mercantilism.
Keynes and Hayek are both neoliberal; one would have to be an expert, a fanatic, or a stalwart to be able to tell these wizards apart. They are of the same religion, but different schools.
Prosperity Doctrine: A relatively recent sect of Christianity that promotes libertarian values.
Reagan: a huckster demon with big teeth. His madness was so great that when it inevitably exploded the shockwave rewrote the foundation of reality.
The Improved Victim Card: 
Prerequisite: class: Paladin, or background: Charlatan
Benefit: Make elites appear as victims. Deflect truth.
Effect: Gain 2d4 against insight checks. The target is enamored until the end of your next turn.
Christians and the Radical Right (including the Austrian School and Objectivists) reap the most benefit from this ability.
Sustain minor
The Propaganda War by won by the Right when it captured Distribution; they’re now securing their victory by rewriting Foundational Laws (see the Free Market below). It’s easy to fall into the misapprehension that Fox is the only front in this war. The Right has captured territories in other theaters. With its slick One Ideology weapon (enhanced by Improved Victim Card) it has won incursions into popular culture. One Ideology shoots out tentacles that plow through parking-lots and burst through gas-pumps, they circle playgrounds and locker rooms, and they surround you in restaurants. Faces burst and break from the tentacles as they draw near. Bloody pus-smeared teeth chatter in your ear, the spittle and warm air a forgotten lover. Sobs and the holler of remorse. Faces contort agony and rage, screaming biting, and laughter, always end it on laughter. They daze our children with the simplest illusion: unknowable and unmeasurable forces will take care of you.
The Free Market: a magical energy realm that manifests itself to some as an aurora. It is said if you stare at exchange long enough you will witness the invisible hand at work gently and elegantly raising all ships.
Hayek: a wizard, high priest of Prosperity Doctrine. He uses stealth to sneak behind enemy lines and plot paths for his adherents to stream through. When his glamer wears thin he sneaks away to let the chumps repair the machine and then plays Improved Victim Card to cast the illusion that the machine repaired itself.

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