Square Peg

If I had Photoshop and bandwidth, I’d find myself a fire plugin because the Ally logo would look so cool rendered as flames against the trees.

And if there were, unlikely as it may sound, no flamage plugins available I could probably use the enhanced toolset to mock me up something.

Oh, man, back in the day, my favorite plugin was a sky generator. It had features such as cloud type and coverage, your standard azimuth and pitch and such, you could render with horizon or sans.

Had rainbows, and sun position, and it was the greatest thing ever!!!!!

Kept me sane.

Then I moved to an all text workflow and that fucked things up.

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Title Square Peg

Onebody’s seen this a few seconds past as an IM, and then I wondered why I keep all the good stuff to my inner circle. Sigh, at this point I have thousands of texts to dig through.

In the meantime, I may as well reap my content at harvest, instead of processing it into unrecognizable sludge.

I'll probably get a post a day out of it. Later on they'll merge into something else and you'll be able to see the journey and praise the growth.

In fact that's where “It's a Hoot!” came from—a series of IMs with Ben, you have him to blame, but I'll take the credit.

Now that I think about it, I've started gathering all its threads together. But then got scared of offending a radical poetry collective so I ceased the excavation.

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