Foolishness (sigh)

Hunted all night to figure out why the text on my site was so small. I dissected the parent theme, every plugin, anything that adds any css. Checked and double checked every style in use. Rewrote font-size rules. And then I discovered it only affected the front page—category and tag pages worked properly. The second page on through worked properly.

There was my clue, must be a malformed post somewhere on the front page some where, must be the first one. That damn thing was written in haste and love and has all kinds of markup. I dig through that a line at a time and discover an unclosed <small> tag.

Of course of course.

The lesson here is 1) get adequate rest, I’ve been kinda over doing it lately 2) look at the obvious things first 3) check out other contexts—had I compared other pages to the front it would’ve been obvious.

Mistakes made, lessons learned, good night.

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